Toddler air mattress

Every parent should have an airbed when travelling with their toddler to ensure they sleep comfortably in the new strange places. Airbeds are made of polyvinyl chloride or urethane plastics. Airbeds are easily rolled up and carried or stored easily thus making them a popular choice for camping trips or temporary bedding at home.

They are commonly inflated with an electric pump or with a manual pump. Air mattresses intended for camping are lightweight, have reduced thickness and size.  It is possible to book hotel rooms with beds for everyone but at an extra cost. If planning to save money you should carry your own toddler travel air mattress for the kid. Doing so creates more choices to choose from when booking accommodation.toddler-air-mattress

AeroBed travel mattress for kids

This air mattress is a popular choice for parents because it is easy to carry on a trip. The bed is fitted with sheets and an external AC pump is included. It is easy to inflate using the Ac pump within one minute and deflates in just fifteen seconds. Travelling with young kids can be hard to find a proper accommodation for them. This bed is a great alternative and versatile. It has fitted sheets on its own but you can still use regular twin sheets. The size of the bed is recommended for kids aged four years and above but still can be used for younger kids. The raised sides help prevent your toddler from rolling off the bed. This bed four kilograms.

Insta bed raised air mattress

This bed is made with Never Flat Technology that prevents air loss and doesn’t allow sagging. The technology uses a quiet pump that produces constant air pressure. Parents can select the preferred comfort level: medium, firm and plush.

Inflate snuggle kids air bed

This bed is perfect when travelling with kids. The bed is compact, simple and portable nearly anywhere. It is durable as it is constructed of heavy-duty PVC with a deep sleep pocket so that kids can stay in the bed. The mattress is thick, soft and super snuggly fitted that feels like polar fleece. This bed comes with an external pump with three nozzles. The pump inflates the bed in about a minute and deflates in a flash. It can be easily folded to fit into the carrier bag for easy transportation or storage.

Cozy kidz airbed

This air mattress is perfect for kids aged three to ten years and can be used for camping, sleepovers or hotels. It has a flocked-top surface for extra comfort, soft and comes with an inflatable pillow. The cozy kidz comes with three varying colors. It is snugly and provides your toddler with fun and colorful dreams when asleep. It weighs 4.5 pounds and recommended for kids aged between thirty six months to ten years.

Shrunks inflatable toddler bed

Shrunks is designed to be a perfect solution for sleepovers and travel. It has security rails that prevent kids from rolling off and this ensures perfect sleeping solutions for your kids. This inflatable bed is made with safe materials that are free from BPA, phthalates and lead. It comes with a repair kit, convenient carrying bag and a power electric pump that inflates in thirty seconds. It is designed to keep the sheets off the floor and allows tucking standard twin sized sheets in and around the inner mattress. This bed weighs about 21.6 pounds.

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